Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Tiny Table

I purchased this tiny table which was originally walnut.  I painted it a pretty white.  I will be adding gold detail to it.  I plan on putting it in the foyer of my Garfield Greenleaf/Thumbelina dollhouse.  It matches my Bespaq Louis XIV furniture, even though it is a no-name brand.  The legs are verydelicate looking but are very sturdy.  I think I will place a vase with flowers on it and maybe a telephone.  Some love letters and keys might also be nice!

Two of the doors I made for the Garfield Greenleaf/Thumbelina have french, ornate murals on them.  Ribbons, flowers and swags are some of my favorite things, so this wallpaper from Dollhouse Collectables was a must have for the house!  The blues, pinks and yellows are gorgeous!

This door complete with a crystal and brass knob set will be installed in the upstairs hallway leading to the master bathroom.  Ribbons and baskets of flowers were very popular during the French reign of Marie Antoinette in Neoclassical Design.
Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette in Sophia Coppola's 2006 film in which she is depicted with her pug Mops.  Marie Antoinette was a true inspiration to so many through her gorgeous decor in the palace. 

The pinks and rose colors Marie Antoinette often chose for decor in her home has inspired me when choosing my fabrics, wallcoverings, and decor for my Garfield/Greenleaf Thumbelina miniature home.
 Miniature Paintings of Pugs are often found in mini homes.  Here is an oil painting of the Princess Golitsyna with Pug by Louis Michel Von Loo in 1759.  You can see she sits in a lavish decor with romantic fabrics.  Pugs have been thought of as royal dogs for centuries, You can purchase miniature Pugs for your mini home.  I intednd to as we have a fawn Pug named Franklin (nicknamed Lou).
This early 19th century painting by Richard Ramsey Reinagle can be found in miniature form through many different dollhouse miniature websites.   

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