Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Nursery, The Nanny's Quarter's & a Room for the Little Boy in the Greenleaf Garfield Thumbelina

The stairwell on the second floor of the Greenleag Garfield Thumbelina is well on it's way, but I still have some painting and detail to add.

 We will be moving in the near future, so I cannot yet set up all of the furniture.  However, I can't help myself and place it in the house sometimes:)  I put a few pieces in to get ideas for future accessory additions.

 Mini Frank "Lou" after my pug sits in the Nanny's Quarters.  I think I will add a silk white bedskirt!

 The Little Boy's Room complete with settee.  I used a piece of Bergamo satin for the comforter over a blue sample of Phillip Jeffries silk bed cover.  I am continuing on the electrical work.

Parquet Today

I managed to get all of the lovely parquet floors in and seal most of them as well.  I have a few areas to fill in,but overall I am pleased with the results.
 There is more furniture, paintings, lamps, etc. to go in, but I have to finish all of my touch-ups first!

                               The sitting & sewing room.  The floors have to be fashinoned in still.

 I was inspired by this ad in American Miniaturist to try my hand at this georgian style windowset.  I am thrilled with the result!
A pair of darling Staffordshire statuettes for the music room!

                                    A sewing kit made from a 1:12" scale Jean Day Miniature's Kit
A kitchen in the works!