Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oh the details!

I am also currently adding wood flooring to the wrap around porch.  The next time I build a dollhouse I will make sure to put it down on the foundation before I actually build the structure.  Building a dollhouse for the first time includes a lot of trial and error.  Que sera sera!  I also added electric carriage lamps as well as some pretty French urn appliques.  I am still adding trim to the porch ballustrades.

One of my favorite how-too inspirational interior design book called The Complete Book of Bedroom Elegance by Lady Caroline Wrey.  It is a must-have staple in design!

The removable window seat is one of my favorite things about the Greenleaf Garfield/Thumbelina!

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  1. Do you think it works better to mark and put in your floorboards first?? I'm at that point and trying to decide which is best. I'm using wood veneer that I'm cutting to create patterns similar, sort of, to what you've done. And just seems like it will be easier to put them in as I build. I know that's true for wallpaper a lot of the time too. But everyone always says do the floors last. Seems more complicated especially in the case of the Garfield. I understand it can interfere with the construction of the walls if the floorboards run under them but I can be careful and avoid that, no?
    If I very carefully mark where my walls will go, and I could even wait on the very edge boards till the walls are in place if necessary, wouldn't that be a reasonable option??? What do you think?
    Your blog has been very helpful so, thanks again for sharing. I will try to get some pics up as I go. I pretty much just use this blog to read.