Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Some Petite Findings....

 I found some lovely little buttons and mementoes at Michael's and Joanne Fabrics from buttons to bows.  I will cut the hoops off of the top of the tiny mirrors and paint them gold to go with the decor of the Greenleaf Garfield/Thumbelina.  The black backgrounds on the cameos will be painted, and the blue cameos might make nice additions to sconces or wall decor.  The ivory satin is going to be used for some window treatments in my downstairs window seat niche.
I removed the tiny stickers on the far left from the ornate pieces on the far right.  I may make them frames or even tiny trays for perfume and vanity sets in the bedrooms!

                                                                    Lovely little details!
                                               This frame will be perfect for French Portraits!
I might make trays for tea sets out of the frames of these or frames for art.  I will have to find a use for the gorgeous blue bows!

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