Tuesday, October 5, 2010

This room in the Garfield/Greenleaf Thumbelina will be the living and music room.  I made the window treatments out of a thick card stock, blue satin, and some lovely, cream passmenterie (trim).  I made the window seat using the original Garfield Greenleaf tower window seat and brought it down to the first floor.  I added wood aound the original seat's frame, coving trim to make the detail, upholstered the seat with foam and a silk, and glued everything in place with hot glue.  I used some silk cording from a Samual and Sons passmenterie I had to create the welting around the bench.
I made these little pillows out of a scrap of French Chintz I had on hand.  They are petite fleur de lys in blue on a cream background.  I added some matching silk cording from a Samual and Sons passmenterie I had handy.  I stuffed the tiny pillows with cotton balls.  Initially I tried to sew the pillows, but they will come out much nicer if you use hot glue on the fabric, then turn them inside out, and then stuff them.  Add the cording last.

Some of the pillows I purchased from a fabulous online shop called Itsy Bitsy Minis.  Neu Fam makes these tiny pillows herself, and they are simply gorgeous.  They fit in perfectly with my ornate, French decor in my Garfield Greenleaf/Thumbelina.  Itsy Bitsy Minis has over 2,000 fabulous wallcoverings for your miniature home!  I even purchased some pink and white toile fabric and wallcovering for my Garfield Greenleaf/Thumbelina to match my tiny pillows!  The pink toile items will be used in the "sitting & sewing room" which will be on the top floor of my dollhouse.  The pillows with the ladies on the pale pink background remind me of a monet painting I will be adding to the Thumbelina.

I have purchased many pieces of the Bespaq Louis XIV collection for the living and music room.  I am so excited to show them to you and install them after the wood, parquet flooring goes in!  The Ivory curtains you see in the background are by Barbara O'brien Curtains.  I have received some sad news that the company will be discontinuing the collection.  The tiny blue and white clock I purchased from Ms. Peggie's Place owned by Michael Sue Nanos in Pacific Beach, California.  I know it is not time to put accessoris in the house, but I couldn't help myself in seeing how it looks!  The white mirror in the back was once mahogany, and it is by Bespaq.  I liked the style of it, and I decided to add it to my other Bespaq items.

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