Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Its the little things that matter

I love little details!  For the master bedroom in the Garfield/Thumbelina I purchased some antique sconces to frame a Degas painting I had.  Then, I added a picture lamp to create warmth in the bedroom at night. I am currently trying to put the sconces in place.

 Some people like red roses, but I love pink ones.  I found these little paper flowers at Michaels that have tiny metal and paper covered stems.  They are bendable, so the roses are perfect for the trellis that comes with the Garfield Kit.  I like how they look like they are climbing up the vine.  The roses come in bundles of three (i.e. 3 bundles of different color pinks).  They are available in other colors if you are interested. 
I plan on making another trellis.  I am awaiting the arrival of it as well as a white porch swing!  I will also be making flower planter boxes under the windows at some point.

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