Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another window seat in the making

Above the window seat on the second floor of the Garfield/Greenleaf Thumbelina I made some double sided roman shades out of an ivory silk on the backside and a silk velvet on the front.  I added tiny detail bows and cording out of some silk, ivory samuel and son passmenterie.  I initially had some lace treatments underneath, but then I could not see in the house.  I ended up removing them.

Since this window seat is removable, it made it easier to put together.  I love the tiny tassels and bows.  I used a seafoam silk for the window seat upholstery.  If I could fit I would be sitting on this seat constantly curled up with a good book and my dogs!

I made a pelmet for over the french doors in the 2nd floor hallway.  I used cardstock, a seafoam silk, and ivory, silk cording for the trim and bows.  The soothing, damask wallpaper can be purchased from Itsy Bitsy Minis.  I am excited to start putting the wood, parquet floor in!

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