Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Baby's Nursery

The Greenleaf Garfield Has a fabulous extra room they call the "secret tower room."  A lot of people use it as a castle-looking room from what I have seen.  It can also make a great observatory room.  However, I thought it would lend itself to a baby nursery.  I had a sample of Maya Romanov wallcovering veneer wood which I cut to fit in the tiny room.  I added some perwinkle, blue satin drapery treatments, some baseboards and crown moulding.  I even added a little "glass" french door to the room.  It leads out the the room I call the nanny's quarters so she can take care of the baby. 
The door is not quite finished, and the baseboards have not been installed, but this is the view from the nanny's quarters to the baby nursery.  I purchased an extra set of Greenleaf Garfield windows for $25.00 to make extra windows throughout my mini home.

Last night I started work on a round rug for the baby nursery.  I had a pretty embroidered sample of silk fabric that I cut into a circle since the design had natural round shapes in it.  There was just enough for a tiny rug!  I sewed around the edges with some thread.  I will be adding passmenterie around the outside to make the fringe.  I am excited to see how it will look.
I will be using the Bespaq Belmont Blue Furniture for the nursery.  You can purchase it from Tim at Dollhouse Collectables online.  There are other pieces in the set not pictures such as an armoire, a feeding chair, and a rocking cradle.

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