Thursday, May 12, 2011

Greenleaf Corona Concept's Laurel/Primrose Dollhouse: A Vermont Vacation Home for Vera-My Newest Dollhouse

Here is my newest addition to my adventures in dollhouse making.  My niece Vera was born in February, and I believe all little girls should have a fabulous dollhouse.  I added working windows to both the Corona Concepts Dollhouse and the Corona Concepts Primrose addition.  I am still working on the exterior door trim and hinges, so the patio is not fully attached yet.  There was not enough light for the attic in the Laurel, and I wanted to make it into a little girl's bedroom.  I also wanted there to be more light in the Primrose tok floor so I could make it into a baby nursery.  With the extension there are seven rooms total instead of five. I still have to paint and attach the chimney.  Vera's bedroom is in green, lavender and whites, so the house will be a perfect addition to the room! 

I had leftover wallpaper from the Garfield Greenleaf Thumbelina.  It was a wonderful way to recycle the leftover wall paper.  I had to order some more stone floor paper for the kitchen and the flagstone on the patio.
There are tiny, purple and lavender roses in the window flower boxes.  I used floral foam which I cut to size to fill in the boxes.  This way the flowers are at a nice height.
The Baby Nursery in the Corona Concepts Primrose extension with added working windows.
The Kitchen in the Corona Concepts Primrose Extension.
The Master Bedroom in the Greenleaf Corona Concepts Laurel Dollhouse.  I added a child friendly fireplace which seems to be very sturdy.  
A lovely, little painting over the master bed fireplace.  I have several more that will go in the house closer to completion.
I had leftover parquet flooring from the Garfield Greenleaf Thumbelina.  I used it in the master bedroom around a silk/velvet velour insert for carpeting.
I added a balcony/railing in the little girl's room so no one would fall down the stairs :)  Can't have accidents happening!

A view outside of the Corona Concepts Laurel Dollhouse master bedroom.

A tiny working window I added in the little girl's bedroom complete with a silk, pink balloon shade!
The foyer and living room for the Greenleaf Corona Concepts Laurel Dollhouse with faux marble flooring.
The foyer/living room.  I added another fireplace to keep cold evenings warm and cozy! :)  I had some leftover faux tin ceiling wallcovering from a project.  This is human-sized.  It worked quite nicely for the dollhouse.  You can purchase it from the Home Depot.  The picture over the fireplace features the Mackenzie Childs farmhouse in New York in a frame from one of the Corona Concepts furniture kits.  I painted it with gold leaf.
The Greenleaf Corona Concepts Laurel dollhouse comes with stairs in the kit that have spaces between them.  I added pink velvet to complete the stairs and add some extra color.
A pretty mural hunting scene in the dining room.

A pretty, ornamental cartouche.
A Bay Window

A child-friendly doll family for Vera to play with.
Outdoor lawn furniture for Vera's Dollhouse.  I added lace and some white, cotton velvet to give the set a homey look.  I made it from the Corona Concepts Patio Furniture Kit.  


  1. So cute! Every room is perfect, from the wallpaper, to the flooring, to the mural in the foyer. Love it!

  2. It is really lovely, we have to do one for our step grandaughter for christmas and have also bought a Corona concepts house, I hope it turns out half as well as yours!!

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